‘Moomin’-inspired Amusement Park Soon to Open in Japan

Whether you find it odd, bizarre, or cute, Japan is a place that isn’t short of anything that tickles the imagination.

True enough, you will find ‘kawaii’ (cute) hotspots all over the country, depending on what you’re into – from Snoopy to Studio Ghibli and various types of art, Japan has a place you can check out to satisfy your J-pop culture fascination.

‘Moomin’-inspired Amusement Park Soon to Open in Japan
Credits: metsa-hanno

New Character-inspired Theme Park Soon to Open in Japan

A new amusement park inspired by the world of Finland’s Moomin fairy tale characters will open in Saitama Prefecture on March 16, as shared in a report by Japan Today.

Representatives from Moomin Monogatari Ltd., the operator of the park shared that the 7.3-hectare Moominvalley Park – the first Moomin-themed amusement park in the country – is located within Metsa Village, a Nordic-likened attraction in the city of Hanno.

Park visitors will be treated to shows that feature the characters from the stories and check out an exhibition that offers a closer look into the creator of the well-loved characters and series, Tove Jansson.

Ticket prices start at JPY 1,500 for junior high school students and above, while children below four years of age up to elementary school age can get tickets at JPY 1,000.

This is something that the whole family must visit this coming summer season. Other than seeing your favourite Moomin characters in person, a visit to the Nordic-inspired village is a unique experience in itself.

Here’s a short clip on what to expect at the Moomin Valley Park in Metsa Village, as shared by ANN News YouTube Channel:

To know more about the Moomin Valley Park and other related attractions, you may check out their official website and promotional page.

A friendly reminder: Remember to wear appropriate clothing for the season and remember to hydrate always to avoid getting affected by heat-related conditions to make the most of your trip and adventure experience!

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