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How to Contact Philippine Consulate in Nagoya, Japan

Filipino workers in Nagoya, Japan, are encouraged to contact the Philippine Consulate for assistance. This consulate is located in Hiroya Building. If you’re in the area but have never been to this location, make sure to drop by one of these days – but do not forget to book an appointment, especially if you need [...]

5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Deciding on a Job Change in Japan

We all know what it’s like to do the same things over and over at work every day. If you have reached this point, it can be hard to mentally prepare for the next day. Perhaps, it’s about time to consider a change. Also Read: Here’s What Expats Need to Know About Finding Work in Japan [...]

How to Contact Philippine Consulate in Osaka, Japan

Filipino workers in Osaka, Japan, who seek government assistance are invited to approach the Philippine Consulate. This Consulate is located near Daiei Mall. It is only a 15-minute walk to Kuzuha Station (Keihan Mainline). Also Read: How to Contact Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, Japan The Philippine Consulate in Osaka provides a comprehensive range of consular services [...]

English capable hospitals in Tokyo

Now, more than ever, the need for top-class hospitals with various services cannot be further emphasized. But for foreign residents living in a non-English speaking country like Japan, the standard goes beyond the quality and range of services – there needs to be English capability, too. In healthcare, language problems cause miscommunication between the healthcare [...]

How to Contact Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, Japan

Filipino immigrants in Tokyo, Japan, who require assistance from the Philippine government are encouraged to visit the country’s embassy. This embassy is located near Roppongi Station. It is only an approximately ten- (10) minute walk from Exit No. 3 of the said station. This site is intended to provide information on the Philippine Embassy in [...]

10 Best Night Views in Tokyo

In this day and age, wouldn’t you love to go out and enjoy the serene surroundings without fear of getting sick or exposed to a lot of people? There’s good news for you if you’re in Tokyo. You can go to several places to enjoy the city’s night view for some peace of mind and [...]

9 Shibuya Cafes Worth Visiting

If you’re an avid fan of Japan, you may have already heard of one of the capital’s top districts, Shibuya.  Shibuya is a must-visit destination for anyone who is into fashion and culture. This area is home to many high-end boutiques and street brands, and it is also considered the center of mainstream youth culture [...]

Beware of Scammers Online Offering Jobs in Japan - POEA

On Tuesday (August 10), the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) issued a warning to aspiring overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) about a social media account that advertised job opportunities in Japan. In a Facebook post, the agency also advised job seekers, particularly those from outside the United States, that several countries are still refusing to accept [...]

Japan Rolls Out Vaccination Passports for Int’l Travels

On Monday (July 26), Japan started accepting applications for the vaccine passports from people who have been fully immunized against COVID-19, allowing them to travel overseas to specific destinations without being quarantined. Many countries, from Israel to Europe, have already granted vaccine passports, which free persons who have been immunized from lengthy quarantines and other [...]

With vaccine applications opened last July 26 (Monday) across the country, things are starting to look brighter for Japanese residents who want to get out and travel overseas. That said, one of the biggest questions in mind is how to apply for a vaccine certificate for overseas travel in Japan. In this guide, we share [...]