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Looking For An Out-of-the-Country-Themed Holiday Getaway in Japan? Check Out These Theme Parks in Japan

With the looming threat of a new COVID variant knocking on the doors of various countries in the world, including Japan, there’s comfort in knowing that you do not have to travel overseas to experience a different culture on top of what Japan already offers. It’s all here – that’s the good news! Did you [...]

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Japan Technical Intern Training Program

Japan’s Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) is a job training program that provides foreign people with employment prospects in Japan. Its purpose is to provide training, technical skills, and technology experience for workers from emerging economies, and it is administered by the Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO). Now that travel restrictions are slowly being eased [...]

How To Register in One Health Pass

The pandemic has kept the majority of the world inside their homes, including overseas Filipinos, for nearly two years now. But things are now starting to turn for the better – certainly at least for those based in Japan as the Philippines has announced that the country is now part of its green list. For [...]

Japan is considering relaxing COVID-era immigration restrictions for short-term business travelers, international students, and technical trainee personnel. The revisions, which might be announced as early as this week and take effect this month, would reduce quarantine requirements for people in Japan for short business trips or Japanese nationals returning from business travels from 10 days [...]

Medical Alert Level, Infection Spread Dropped to Lowest in Tokyo

The COVID-19 alert level was lowered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to reflect a decrease in hospitalizations. The alert level for COVID-19 infections was lowered to the third-highest level from the previous fourth. It was the first time it was lowered in 10 months. The number of new infections has decreased significantly in the past [...]

Filipinos in Japan and have registered to vote for the 2022 Philippine National Elections can check if they’re certified to vote by visiting the website of the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo. Our embassy  has listed the list of absentee voters for the upcoming elections. Also Read: How to Renew Your Philippine Passport in Japan So if you [...]

things to do in osaka

When we think of Japan, most of us would immediately think of Tokyo or the picturesque views of Mount Fuji or the pretty beaches in Okinawa. Sad to say, this is not just what the country has to offer. It has brilliant cities like Osaka, where modernity and tradition meets. It also has the great [...]

How to Contact Philippine Consulate in Nagoya, Japan

Filipino workers in Nagoya, Japan, are encouraged to contact the Philippine Consulate for assistance. This consulate is located in Hiroya Building. If you’re in the area but have never been to this location, make sure to drop by one of these days – but do not forget to book an appointment, especially if you need [...]

5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Deciding on a Job Change in Japan

We all know what it’s like to do the same things over and over at work every day. If you have reached this point, it can be hard to mentally prepare for the next day. Perhaps, it’s about time to consider a change. Also Read: Here’s What Expats Need to Know About Finding Work in Japan [...]

How to Contact Philippine Consulate in Osaka, Japan

Filipino workers in Osaka, Japan, who seek government assistance are invited to approach the Philippine Consulate. This Consulate is located near Daiei Mall. It is only a 15-minute walk to Kuzuha Station (Keihan Mainline). Also Read: How to Contact Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, Japan The Philippine Consulate in Osaka provides a comprehensive range of consular services [...]