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Japan Expands COVID-19 Emergency to 7 More Prefectures

Filipinos in Japan, brace yourself as the Japanese government has expressed its intent to expand the ongoing state of emergency imposed on the capital from last week. ALSO READ: New COVID-19 Variant: Japan Bans Entry of Foreigners As Japan continues to see a record-breaking increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, the government has announced [...]

[LOOK] This Modern, Spacious 3-BR, 2-T&B House Was Planned, Conceptualized, and Built by a Japan OFW

Overseas Filipino workers are hardworking, creative, and very dependable when it comes to their work whatever their role may be. These very qualities, when applied to other things such as building one’s dream house can make wonders you wouldn’t think possible or quite easy to do. In this article, we share a video about a [...]

New COVID-19 Variant: Japan Bans Entry of Foreigners

A few days before 2020 ended, Japan announced that it will be suspending new entries of non-resident foreign nationals from “most parts of the world” as a precaution against a new variant of the coronavirus. ALSO READ: List of Japan Holidays in 2021 Even before the suspension of travel entry, Japan had already reported eight [...]

KATAS NG OFW: OFW Vlogs about Buying His Dream House While Working and Saving Up in Japan

They say that having a house is different from having a home. That may be true, but for someone who had neither of the two growing up, this is simply a matter of choice of words. Many Filipinos dream of working abroad because a lot of us came from impoverished families and difficult situations. For this [...]

Gov’t Passes Bill Providing Free COVID-19 Vaccine to All Citizens

A bill that assigns the government to shoulder the cost of the COVID-19 vaccine for all citizens of Japan has been approved in the Diet, providing a crucial move to address the spread of the coronavirus in the country as Japan struggles with its worst-yet wave of infections. In line with this, the bill also [...]

[WATCH] Japan’s Self-Driving Buses Now in Service

On November 26, Japan launched its first and free self-driving bus services in Sakai, Ibaraki Prefecture. ALSO READ: Self-driving Taxis with Passengers Tested in Japan The driver-less buses can run at 18 kph on a 5-kilometer round trip through the center of the district. Moreover, it can safely avoid obstacles on the road through the [...]

Japan Approves Bill to Offer All Residents Free COVID-19 Vaccines

The Japanese government on Tuesday, October 27, approved a bill that aims to cover all the expenses for the purchase, distribution, and administration of COVID-19 vaccines to all residents in Japan, once the drug is already available, as well as to compensate suppliers in the event any serious side effects occur. The bill which amends the [...]

How Much Does a Housekeeper Earn in Japan?

As Japan opens its labor market to more foreign workers through the SSW visa program, foreign nationals including Filipinos are encouraged to apply for various jobs in Japan.  In one of our posts, we shared some info on the requirements needed to apply for work as a housekeeper in Japan. And in this article, we are going [...]

What Are the Qualifications to Work as a House Cleaner in Japan?

For those who are looking for work abroad, Japan is one of the best places to consider if you are looking for a variety of job openings, from domestic work to highly specialized ones. In fact, over the next five years, the country, through its specialized skills workers (SSW) visa, is looking to acquire at least 22,000 workers in [...]

Tips on How to Apply for Work in Japan Even Without Experience

Many people hesitate to look for jobs abroad for several reasons. Some of them may be personal while others feel that having no work experience or travel experience in the past puts them at a disadvantageous position when applying for work overseas, especially in countries like Japan.  ALSO READ: Employers Prefer Filipino Workers in Kyushu, Japan [...]