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Pope Francis Visits Japan, to Talk About Ban of Nuclear Weapons

Scheduled for a four-day trip to Japan starting Nov 23 ( Saturday), Pope Francis has just become the first pontiff to travel to the country in 38 years. Upon arriving on a special plane at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport Saturday night, the pope is set to visit the atomic-bombed cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the following day and [...]

15,000-Seat Olympic Aquatics Center Unveiled for Tokyo 2020 Games

With less than a year to go before the opening of one of the world’s biggest and most important sporting events, Tokyo 2020 organizers has recently unveiled on Thursday (Nov 21) the USD 523 million venue for swimming, diving and artistic swimming that will seat 15,000 fans for the Olympic and Paralympic Games next year.    Construction [...]

As we come to the end of the year, many people are already looking forward to the holiday celebrations to go on a vacation and to get that much-needed time off from work – but that’s not the case for the people in Japan. Fortunately, the country has such a long list of year-round events and festivities [...]

Foreign Population in Japan Sets New Record at 2.82 Million

Since opening the country to more foreign workers through a new visa scheme, the country now has 2.82 million foreign people registered as residents at the end of June. In line with this, the government also projects to accept more technical interns and workers enter Japan amid a severe labor shortage affecting the country. Japan’s [...]

Typhoon Hagibis Lashes at Japan, Raises Death Toll to 40 as Search-and-Rescue Operations Continue

With images of empty shelves in stores across the country circulating on social media over the weekend, we know that there is much need for the citizens to prepare for the typhoon as massive as what hit Japan over the weekend. Typhoon Hagibis unleashed torrential rains and strong winds last Saturday, which left thousands of [...]

How to Request for Notarization at the Philippine Embassies in Japan

The Philippine Embassies in Japan (in Tokyo and Osaka) provide notarial services for Filipino residents intending to submit notarized documents normally intended for use in the Philippines. The process for notarization in both Philippine embassies in Japan basically follow the same procedure, so we will detail the steps and requirements offered by the Philippine Embassy [...]

Japan Rugby World Cup Stadium Lifts Food Ban Following Complaints of Long Queues in Venue

With the launch of one of the biggest events in Japan at the moment – the Rugby World Cup, fans of the sport as well as the competing teams trooped the venue to show their love and support for their idols. However, as the organizers of the event have instated a food ban at the [...]

Rugby World Cup 2019 Kicks Off in Japan

After ten years in the making, the Rugby World Cup has finally arrived in Japan. There is much excitement after the long years of preparation and build-up as the host team Japan Brave Blossoms take on Russia Bears during the opening day match up at the Tokyo (Ajinomoto) Stadium in Chofu. Ahead of the main [...]

Japan’s October Consumption Tax Hike and What it Means for All of Us

More than a year after it has been drafted, the consumption tax hike which is due to take effect starting next month is raising questions and some level of anxiety here in Japan. But what exactly will the new tax hike mean for all of us? Why was it set in the first place? How [...]

Kyoto Remains No. 1 Best City Outside Tokyo

Out of the 72 major cities outside of Tokyo, Kyoto secured the first spot as the city with the greatest strengths for the second consecutive year, thanks to its allure as a tourism destination, a Tokyo-based study revealed. Kyoto is located in the greater region of Kansai, forming the Keihanshin metropolitan area together with Osaka [...]