7 Attractions to Visit at Tokyo DisneySea

We all heard about Disneyland – the happiest place on earth. There are many Disneylands throughout the world. Every child, or the young at heart, wants to go and visit the Disneyland. Why? Simply because it reminds them of their childhood! Also, seeing the different characters of Disney is something that is simply amazing.

Tour of Disneyland Tokyo

Japan, specifically in Tokyo, Disneyland is a major a tourism draw. And one of the most popular features of this wonderland is the DisneySea, which to me is a must see. There are many attractions in Disneysea that you must visit.

  1. Mermaid Lagoon

The Mermaid Lagoon is entirely dedicated to Ariel and her sea creature friends. You can try out the rides offered such as Blowfish Balloon Race, Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster and more. If you wish to visit Ariel, then play at her very own Playground and explore more about her treasure-filled cave or climb through a fishing net. Witness the play about Ariel’s adventures at the Lagoon Theater. It makes you feel like you’re under the sea.

  1. Mysterious Island

The Mysterious Island only offers two attractions, namely 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Ride a submarine and dare to explore Atlantis. Or, you can explore and take a selfie in front of Mount Prometheus. Together, let’s unfold the mystery!


  1. Arabian Coast


The Arabian Coast is totally inspired by Jasmine – the only Arabian princess in the world of Disney. Here, you may ly with Aladdin’s flying carpet or witness the story of Sindbad in his storybook voyage. Ride the Caravan Carousel or attend the search for Genie in The Magic Lamp Theater. Definitely, the carpet’s a must-try!

  1. American Waterfront

You can find the top attraction here which is the Tower of Terror. This is a free-fall attraction in darkness. Reminisce your childhood in Toy Story Mania where you can play 3D games while boarding in tram. Come and converse with Crush the sea turtle. Ask him anything and he will answer. Sometimes, Dory comes along.

  1. Port Discovery

Have fun while you are in the water at Port Discovery. There are only three attractions in the area. Ride the experimental watercraft in the pool, which is  full of surprises. You may swirl off, spin round and round and who knows what else comes out. Enjoy the scenery while riding the DisneySea Electric Railway.

  1. Mediterranean Harbor

Try out the Venetian Gondolas just like in Europe. Watch as the scene unfolds on your eyes and be entertained with your gondoliers. Be the Magellan and Columbus as you discover many things in the Fortress Explorations. You can also watch captivating views in the DisneySea Transit Steamer Line.

  1. Lost River Delta

Expect the unexpected as you explore the caves of Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. Hang on and explore the temple ruins. Watch out for the revengeful Crystal Skull. The high speed roller coaster will get your pants in a twist as you watch out for the wild gods in the Raging Spirits.




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