Things to do at Kurama Onsen Hot Spring

Japan is a country known for its unique way of healing. Although they also have hospitals and high-end technology, some people say that their natural spring can heal some illness. Japan is, after all, blessed with a wealth of natural springs, such as the Kurama Onsen Hot Spring. The quaint little village is just a short distance north near the mountains from Kyoto City. The place was named Kurama.

Visitors and locals alike seek out the onsen or the Japanese natural hot spring, which is why Kurama Onsen is a popular tourist attraction in Kurama. There are two attractions in the place, the Kurama-dera or the Buddhist temple and the hot springs. Being in Kurama is one good day trip where you can visit both the hot springs and the temple in just a single day.

Hot Spring at Kurama Onsen

In Kurama Onsen Hot Spring, there are attractions that will totally allow you to get out from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  1. Outdoor and indoor baths

The ryokan, which is situated in the upper end of the Kurama town, is where the Kurama Onsen is located. You can walk for around 10 minutes from the train station, or you can also follow the trail near the river. The hot spring is composed simply of hydrogen sulfide water with a lot of minerals that are good for people with rheumatism, diabetes, neuroses, skin and lumbago. The temperature will range up to 15 degrees to soothe down illnesses. The water from the hot spring is constantly flowing from the mountain on the east side.

The Kurama Onsen Hot Spring has two set of baths, the indoor and the outdoor settings. You can wish to stay at the outdoor baths. You can enjoy the hot spring while soaking up the radiance of the sun. You also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery the Kurama Onsen has to offer. And, you can also stay at the indoor bath and pamper yourself. There is a sauna available as well, where you may be able to sweat off and relax. Totally stress-free!

  1. Temple visit

While you are at Kurama Onsen, you can also visit the Buddhist temple named Kurama-dera which is situated along the mountainside just above the town. You can climb up to the temple around 30-45 minutes. The temple stands on the mountain slope while overlooking a wonderful view. There is a cable car available that leads you halfway up the mountain. Of course, you need to pay for about 100 yen.  Near the Kurama-dera, the shrine for the Fire Festival named Yuki Jinja also stands there. Getting in touch with feels just so right!

  1. Nature walks

Walk along the town of Kurama and get to know the locals and their culture. There are captivating views that will keep you enthralled by the beauty of the place. Of course, you can always walk up to visit the Buddhist temple or to seek out the famous shrine for the Fire Festival. There is a hiking trail just behind the Kurama-dera that will lead you to Kibune, another small town. The Japanese always believe in walking as the easiest form of exercise.

There are a lot of things that you can get from visiting the Kurama Onsen. Aside from the health benefits that the spring has to offer, you also get to relax and unwind in your stay here.

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