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With vaccine applications opened last July 26 (Monday) across the country, things are starting to look brighter for Japanese residents who want to get out and travel overseas. That said, one of the biggest questions in mind is how to apply for a vaccine certificate for overseas travel in Japan. In this guide, we share [...]

12 Best Japanese Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss For The World

For good reason, Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. Traditional Japanese cooking, or washoku, stresses diversity and balance and is based on the “rules of five.” This has set apart Japan from the rest of the world. This level of culinary quality is accomplished by combining five colors (black, white, [...]

Where to Find Foreigner-Friendly Libraries in Tokyo

Libraries are wonderful places if you just want to hang out or find some peace and quiet – an escape from life’s daily busyness. But if you’re a foreigner living in Japan, Tokyo to be specific, it might be quite a challenge to find such places, because English-friendly spots aren’t too common in this country, [...]

Here’s What Every Foreigner Should Know About COVID-19 Vaccination Vouchers in Japan

It’s been nearly a year and a half since the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the planet, and it’s still a difficult time for people worldwide. There have been gaps in healthcare delivery, funds are quickly being depleted, resources are not enough to power economies as they did before, and vaccinations come loosely in batches for all [...]

Here’s What Expats Need to Know About Finding Work in Japan

Working in Japan looked impossible to most foreign workers until the early 2000s. Japanese language requirements were stringent, visas were scarce, and there was a strong national desire to prefer local labor over international workers. However, these days, expats are finding more options to work in the island nation with less stringent standards due to [...]

Many people have been eyeing Japan as their top work destination – and for good reason. Japan has the highest pay for foreigners in Asia. However, is this all the country has to offer? The country, its capital, Tokyo, and, gradually, the city of Osaka, are definitely among the most expensive cities in the world [...]

A Basic Guide on What You Should Know About Japanese Etiquette

Japan is characterized by a formal, high “power-distance” culture. There are clear distinctions between bosses and subordinates, and everyone is expected to know their place as well as when and how to express themselves. READ ALSO: 5 Things OFWs Need To Know Before Working in Japan Traditionally, Japanese society has very rigorous etiquette norms that [...]

What to Wear: Japanese Dress Code

Japan, as a predominantly conservative country, has different norms in many aspects of life, including dress code, than Western countries. Keep reading for some practical Japanese dress code recommendations for what to wear during life’s most significant situations if you don’t want to offend and want to be fashionably prepared. This guide does not only [...]

What Are the Things to Consider to Deal with Culture Shock in Japan?

Despite being a relatively ‘close’ country to the Philippines, Filipinos and other expats planning to work in Japan should be aware that the Japanese culture is way more distinct than just their quirky innovations and flair for convenience. This is especially evident at work and in daily life. So if you plan to relocate to [...]

[Working in Japan] Here’s What You Need to Know About Japan Work Visas

There are many different Japanese visa options for expatriates including overseas Filipino workers to pick from, depending on whether you need a temporary or permanent residency permit. READ ALSO: 5 Things OFWs Need To Know Before Working in Japan These are almost all work-based, and the type of work you undertake will determine which visa [...]