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How Much Does a Housekeeper Earn in Japan?

As Japan opens its labor market to more foreign workers through the SSW visa program, foreign nationals including Filipinos are encouraged to apply for various jobs in Japan.  In one of our posts, we shared some info on the requirements needed to apply for work as a housekeeper in Japan. And in this article, we are going [...]

What Are the Qualifications to Work as a House Cleaner in Japan?

For those who are looking for work abroad, Japan is one of the best places to consider if you are looking for a variety of job openings, from domestic work to highly specialized ones. In fact, over the next five years, the country, through its specialized skills workers (SSW) visa, is looking to acquire at least 22,000 workers in [...]

Tips on How to Apply for Work in Japan Even Without Experience

Many people hesitate to look for jobs abroad for several reasons. Some of them may be personal while others feel that having no work experience or travel experience in the past puts them at a disadvantageous position when applying for work overseas, especially in countries like Japan.  ALSO READ: Employers Prefer Filipino Workers in Kyushu, Japan [...]

Specialized Skilled Worker Visa: What Is It and How to Apply

Over the years, many foreign nationals including Filipinos, go to Japan for travel, employment, education, and residency. However, in the case of those who wish to work in Japan, the process had been quite challenging in the past because the Japanese government had been quite strict when it comes to accepting foreign workers into their [...]

3 Challenges You Need to Overcome to Become a Trainee in Japan

Many Filipinos dream to go to Japan for several reasons. Some may want to go there to study, travel or visit different places, while others aim to land a job there.  If you wish to work in Japan, there are various ways to do so. One of these is through the Technical Internship and Training Program (TITP). [...]

How much does a Pinoy Caregiver Earn in Japan?

If you’ve asked around which country do most Filipinos want to visit or migrate to, you’d get several answers, but it’s unlikely that you won’t get Japan as an answer. And why not? Who doesn’t enjoy experiencing four seasons, visiting Tokyo Disneyland, or enjoying anime as much as they want?  Not many Filipinos. And in this post, [...]

What is the Salary of an OFW in Japan?

Many Filipinos aim to work abroad for the various opportunities they can take advantage of. And among the many countries Filipinos can choose from, Japan is among the popular ones because it is quite near the Philippines and the culture in Japan, in some ways, are the same as ours in the Philippines. In this post, [...]

List Holidays in Japan this 2020

Japan, as we all know, is among those countries (especially in Asia) that have rich and enduring cultural idiosyncrasies and traditions. Because of this, one might think that they have a lot of public events observed as official holidays. However, that is not the case in Japan, as they only have 16 public holidays.  And [...]

5 Most Popular Shrines to Visit in Japan on New Year

Thinking of what to do over the holidays in Japan? Hatsumode. This is the first shrine or temple visit of the new year, which is traditionally pursued by people in Japan.  ALSO READ: Kyoto Remains No. 1 Best City Outside Tokyo And if you’re wondering when this takes place, it’s from December 31-January 3, which is when [...]

How to Request for Notarization at the Philippine Embassies in Japan

The Philippine Embassies in Japan (in Tokyo and Osaka) provide notarial services for Filipino residents intending to submit notarized documents normally intended for use in the Philippines. The process for notarization in both Philippine embassies in Japan basically follow the same procedure, so we will detail the steps and requirements offered by the Philippine Embassy [...]