How to Apply for a Vaccine Certificate in Japan

With vaccine applications opened last July 26 (Monday) across the country, things are starting to look brighter for Japanese residents who want to get out and travel overseas.

That said, one of the biggest questions in mind is how to apply for a vaccine certificate for overseas travel in Japan. In this guide, we share the details laid down by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare regarding this matter. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Apply for a Vaccine Certificate in Japan

Guide to Applying for a Vaccine Certificate in Japan

This vaccination certificate is offered to those who require it when traveling overseas. If other people need a record of the vaccination, you may present the “Immunization Certificate” or “Inoculation Record” that was given to you at the time of the inoculation.

What is a Vaccine Certificate?

Based on the Vaccination Law, the certificate of inoculation is issued based on an application from the inoculant as public proof of the fact of vaccination for the new coronavirus infection carried out in each municipality.

It will be supplied in writing for the time being. Concerning the digitalization of immunization certificates, the government is keeping an eye on the international trends in the 2D coding standards required for electronically presenting immunization certificates.

Things to Remember Regarding the Vaccination Certificate:

  • It is the individual’s choice whether or not to vaccinate, and issuing an inoculation certificate does not compel immunization.
  • You will be unable to travel overseas if you do not have an inoculation certificate.
  • Please apply for this inoculation certificate only if you are heading to a country or region where anti-epidemic measures can be mitigated by providing the inoculation certificate.
  • If you have this proof of immunization, it is not possible to come and go in a state where anti-epidemic measures are relaxed with all countries and places. The most recent status of which countries and regions can be used for travel will be published on a regular basis on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
  • Having an immunization certificate will not alleviate anti-epidemic efforts when entering Japan at the moment. For information on entering Japan with anti-epidemic measures.

Application and Issuance of Vaccine Certificates

For the time being, inoculation certificates will be granted to people who meet any of the two conditions listed below:

(1) In accordance with the Vaccination Law, the patient has to be vaccinated against COVID-19 (advance and priority vaccinations of medical professionals, professional inoculations, regular inoculations (vaccinations using vaccination tickets provided by towns, etc.).

(2) When going outside of Japan, this certificate is required for reasons such as the other country relaxing anti-epidemic efforts due to possession of an immunization certificate.

As a result, the following individuals are ineligible:

  • Those who do not plan on using it when traveling overseas (for the time being).
  • Those who received their immunizations outside of Japan (those who have received inoculations that are not based on Japan’s vaccination law).

Where to Apply?

  • When getting the vaccination, the application destination is in the municipality (typically the municipality that issued your residency card) that issued the vaccination ticket.
  • If you are vaccinated for the first and second time using an inoculation ticket from another municipality, such as when you are transferred following inoculation, you will need to apply for each municipality you resided in for the time being.


  • Application form
  • Passport valid for overseas travel
  • “For check-up only” part of the inoculation ticket
  • Certificate of inoculation or inoculation record

Note: Additional documents may be required in some cases. For more information, please visit the websites of each municipal administration.

Here are some of the things you need to remember regarding this process:

  1. The vaccination certificate (passport) will be prepared by the municipality you reside in.
  2. The passport number on the vaccination certificate must match the passport number used for international travel. If your passport number changes after you acquire the vaccination certificate, you must request for a new certificate again. If you are applying for a passport, please begin applying for proof of immunization after you have received your passport. Furthermore, as a foreign national, you can apply for passports issued by foreign governments.

What information does this certificate contain?

In addition to information about the inoculated person (name, date of birth, etc.) and the vaccination record of the new coronavirus infection (type of vaccine, date of inoculation, etc.), the vaccination number and other information will be included so that it can be used when traveling abroad, and this information will be written in Japanese and English. We also employ anti-counterfeiting safeguards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When should I apply?

Please do not make travel plans unless you have a valid certificate.

  1. When will I get my certificate?

In-person applications are usually processed within the same day they are submitted, but some wards require applicants to make a reservation in advance.

  1. Why am I being asked to get a PCR test when I could have got a certificate?

The limits enforced by countries change on a regular basis, however, for many, if not most, countries, a negative PCR test is considered an appropriate means of demonstrating the passenger is clear. It is critical to remember that when returning home, a PCR test must be performed in the country being visited prior to the travel home, and there must be a covid testing and isolation system in place.

  1. Do children need a vaccine certificate to travel?

Children will not require a certificate because they have not yet been immunized. Depending on the country you intend to visit, exams may be required. Please examine the regulations for your destination as well as the regulations for returning to Northern Ireland since these are subject to change at any time.

  1. If I don’t have a vaccine certificate can I still go abroad?

Various countries have different entry criteria. Some countries may allow you to enter if you produce a variety of test results.

With this development, things are certainly looking up for Japan residents and for those who look forward to traveling the world after being restricted by the pandemic in their respective countries for over a year now. The important thing here is that you comply with all of the requirements needed for travel, and there shouldn’t be any issue for you.

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