What to Do in Miyajima

Japan is an Asian powerhouse known for making high-end technologies like robots, computers, gadgets and others. But trust me, there is more to Japan than its state-of-the-art technology. Japan also has a lot of tourist destinations and Miyajima Island is one of them.

Miyajima is a quaint little island situated in the western part of Japan. Itsukushima is what it is called, but it is popularly known as Miyajima which means Shrine Island in Japanese. Miyajima is arguably one of the top three picturesque spots in all of Japan . In fact, it so beautiful that people often call it as the Island of Gods.

Miyajima Tourist Attractions

Despite being an island, the place has a lot to offer to anyone of all ages.

  1. Drop by The Great Torii

From afar, you can already see the structure of The Great Torii. It has the height for about 16.6 meters and weight for 60 tons. The Great Torii is said to be the boundary between the world of humans and the spirit world. It is already a World Heritage Site, bringing the joy and pride of the people living there.

When you arrive at the island, check The Great Torii and the time for high tide and low tide. In high tide, The Great Torii will look stunningly as it is floating above the sea. When the tide is low, though, you can walk up to the foot of The Great Torii. Totally beautiful!

  1. Visit Mount Misen

There are a lot of historical destinations in Misen. Take a hike to see the panoramic view of the mountain. There are 3 routes that will lead you to Mount Misen. These are the Momiji Dani Route, wherein you can catch a glimpse of the Momiji River then, the Daishoin Rouse where you can view the Shiraito Fall and Takinomiya Shrine and lastly, the Omoto Route where you can encounter the 100 year old fir trees in Komaga Forest.

  1. Hike until your legs burn out

As mentioned, there are three suitable routes in going up to Mount Misen.  If you want a more laid back route, get to know the locals and hike in the back streets. You can go up to the Mount Misen to experience a one of a kind adventure there. Either way, the island has a lot of activities that will entertain you and will surely suit your interest. It would definitely be all worth it!

  1. Respect your ancestors in Daisho-in Temple

The temple of Daisho-in may not be as popular as The Great Torii, but nonetheless it has a lot of beautiful sights that will take your breath away. The 500 Rakan statues are lined up the steps to the temples. These statues are Shaka Nyorai’s disciples. Each image has unique facial expressions that will surely interest you.

Although the list has ended, it does not mean that your adventure ends too. Go and visit the Miyajima Island and create your own set of adventures.

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